Sunday School - Fall Quarter

Sunday School - Fall Quarter

Adult Sunday School

These multi-generational classes, allow adults in a variety of stages of life to come together weekly to study God’s Word, and gain practical applications to use in their daily lives. There are two Fall Quarter adult elective offerings:

12 Ordinary Men - Taught by Mike Greenwood. Have you ever felt like you can’t make a difference, that you aren’t good enough, that your past will always haunt you? In this study, you’ll see how Jesus chose 12 ordinary men and reflect on how they changed the world. The disciples weren’t well educated, didn’t attend seminary and weren’t theologians, yet they carried forth the message and turned the world upside down. We will study their calling, training, betrayal, and the ultimate sacrifice they made for their steadfast belief.

Ecclesiastes: A 12 Week Study - Taught by Mark Gainer and Wes Kitchen. This study through Ecclesiastes helps Christians understand the necessity of fearing God in a fallen and frustrating world, pointing us to God’s mission to restore creation from the curse through the power of the Gospel.

Children’s Sunday School

Nursery: Infant to 2 Years Old - Our workers are trained to provide a safe, loving, and secure environment for all children.  We provide both a secure and sanitary nursery in order to allow parents to give their full attention toward worshiping and serving Berea.

Toddlers: 2 and 3 Year Olds - Taught by Beth Kitchen. Our toddlers will learn that God provides for us by looking at the stories of Noah and the Israelites during their Exodus journey.

Beginners: 4 and 5 Year Olds (Kindergarten) - Taught by Bonnie Cummings. Beginners will hear stories about the life of Ruth, Hannah, Saul, David, and Solomon.

Primary: 1st and 2nd Grade Taught by Tammy Kitselman. Primary students will study the importance of having a Bible and learn basic Bible study skills in order to apply God’s Word to their lives.

Middlers: 3rd and 4th Grade - Taught by Ellen Williams. “Bible Belles” and “Ring Leaders” will be “truth travelers” this quarter, studying how God used women in the Old and New Testament as examples of prayer, patience, bravery, loyalty, leadership, and more!

Juniors: 5th and 6th Grade - Taught by Victoria Greenwood. Our fifth and sixth graders will be studying the importance of worship and prayer.

Junior High/High School: Grades 7-12 - Taught by Sam Watkins. Junior High and High School students will be utilizing “Bible Project” videos to guide captivating discussion sessions as we trace Biblical themes to become better readers of the Bible.

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For more details about the Fall 2021 Berea Adult and Children's Sunday School program click HERE.

Registration closed on Sunday, November 28, 2021